Coordinate Systems

Level Ascending Ontological Options

A major challenge faced in the deployment of collaborating unmanned vehicles is enabling the semantic interoperability of sensor data. One aspect of this, where there is significant opportunity for improvement, is characterizing the coordinate systems for sensed position data. We are involved in a proof of concept project that addresses this challenge through a foundational conceptual model using a constructional approach based upon the BORO Foundational Ontology. The model reveals the characteristics as sets of options for configuring the coordinate systems. This paper examines how these options involve, ontologically, ascending levels. It identifies two types of levels, the well-known type levels and the less wellknown tuple/relation levels.


MULTI 2019, 6th International Workshop on Multi-Level Modelling, 16 September 2019, Munich, Germany


Chris Partridge (BORO Solutions, University of Westminster)
Andrew Mitchell (BORO Solutions)
Michael Loneragan (QinetiQ)
Hayden Atkinson (CooperVision Ltd)
Sergio de Cesare (University of Westminster)
Mesbah Khan (OntoLedgy Ltd)